Artist Bio

Ishmael “Niilartei” Lartey is a multi disciplinary artist and Central Saint Martins Graduate. He primarily works with digital illustration, acrylic paint and occasionally other methods such as sculpture and installation. The artist believes that to push forward the discourse about diaspora and the cultures that derive from that - we must first understand conversations about diaspora in history and modern-day experiences. From West African cultural flags to anime and cartoon, he uses both traditional and modern ways of telling stories to inform his storytelling. His symbols and characters explore psychoanalytical theory in relation to specific social and political contexts; for example, the psychological effect of identifying with multiple cultures, and black representation within popular culture. Other sources of inspiration stem from music, fashion, politics and graffiti. He maintains a balance between conceptual art, design and events programming through his works with the Tate gallery, TENT gallery (Rotterdam), The Other Art Fair, and more.