Reflecting on the processes that shape cultural production in two cities,  Tate Collective London and TENT Rotterdam  young people continue to exchange creative concepts alongside artist Charl Landvreugd, textile designer Yemi Awosile, film maker Bafic, and fashion designer Marga Weimans. The group will work with various themes that arise from discussions around exchange, such as power, systems, chaos and cycles.
About Tate x TENT:
Tate x TENT is a collaboration between Tate Modern and TENT Rotterdam. Eight young people and four artists from Rotterdam and London work together as a collective over a 5-day period exploring the theme of ‘exchange’ through workshops, conversation and collaboration. The first phase of the project took place in TENT Rotterdam in summer 2016. A collaboration, which then continued over the span of 3 years, continued to develop conversations around the topic of cultural development 
Tate Collective London is part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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